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Thread: Sharing EHD to be accessed by Netbook

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    Sharing EHD to be accessed by Netbook

    Ok, I got a net book and I want to be able to access the external hd that's connected to my main computer. My net book has W7 Starter and my main computer has Vista Home Premium 64x. They're both in the same workgroup, the external hd is shared, when I go into my network I can see my main PC and can go into it where it shows the 'public folders' and the external hd, but when I go to access the external hd, it says that I don't have permission. I can access the 'public folders' on the main pc, and I have sharing enabled on both of them (network discovery, file sharing, public folder sharing, printer sharing, and password protected sharing). Also, when I try to access the e-hd, I don't get a password prompt, so it's not like a bad password or anything. I've also tried enabling a folder for sharing (instead of just the whole drive, to see if that was the issue) and I couldn't access that, either.

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    Sharing EHD to be accessed by Netbook

    I think you have to setup the permissions for the e-hd through your main rig as you are trying to go through it to the e-hd. You might have to enable "guest" for it to have access or setup a new user to get to it. Or you might want to see if the firewall is blocking access to it.

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    Sharing EHD to be accessed by Netbook

    Yeah, I later figured out that you need to set the Security to it. I had to set it to everyone, though, because I couldn't set it to my netbook (if anyone knows a work-around for that, lemme know) so anyone on my network can get into it (less then a desirable fix).

    Oh, I got a network question that maybe someone can answer. If there are two routers, Router A and Router B, and Router B is connected to Router A, will Router B be on a "sub-network" or something? Or is it just considered one network?

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    Sharing EHD to be accessed by Netbook

    Well what are the routers? One wired, both wired, one wired and one wireless..... and what are you trying to achieve?

    If the second router is being connected to the first router then you should probably turn off DHCP on the second router and let the first one assign all the IP address. This will make the second router act like a switch, and if thats what you are wanting to do then I would look into just getting a switch as thats a waste of a router :-)

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    Sharing EHD to be accessed by Netbook

    Haha, they'd be wired. I have three computers and a PS3 in my room, and the wireless (for PS3) is weak (it won't connect to PSN and when I test connection, I don't always receive and IP). And, I'm also doing it so I can access my network drive through that second router instead of anyone on the first or second being able to access it. For that, I could probably just put a password on it. If I can figure that out. If I have a password on my main computer (with the ehd connected to it), anytime anyone tries to access the ehd, they'd have to put a password in, correct? I may just do that and get a switch, do they send off a wireless signal? If they don't, doesn't matter much, really, since the access on my Netbook is fairly solid.

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