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    This is my second completed full mod. Pretty simple really. A little cutting, paint, chrome grills, chrome u-channel, a small window and lights. The lights are controlled by the throw switch on the front. One controls the leds and the other the sound activated neon. Motherboard: msi 2.4 ghz amd x2, 2gb ddr2, 256mb nvidia ,450w psu, 2 x 160 gb sata, tv-tuner w/remote, 20in lcd. win 7

    i know the finished shots are a little grainy, but m-blu has been sold and i haven't had a chance to get more.
    here is the link to the gallery. I have two projects going now, so more is to come.

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    Sweet man...hey what we normally do around here is to start up a worklog and show the progress of the work. People really like to see how things are done. But if you dont have the time we understand so keep posting links to you stuff :-)

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    Thanks, i do have some more shots of this one coming together, but not a full work-log sorry. i'll have them up soon. Ill try to do better on that with future posts.

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    Nice work there bud!
    unique paint and cutting!
    *thumbs up*

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    appreciate the thumbs up, you have some awesome builds, means alot.....

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    agreed Thumbs Up !

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