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Thread: Dremel question

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    Dremel question

    I got a Dremel a few months ago, but the speed keeps going up and down on the same speed, is it normal?

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    Dremel question

    No, if it sounds like it is changing speeds like from a scale of 10 to a 5. Now if it sounds more like 10 to a 8 and it is an olders unit then I would say that the "Brushes" are getting dirty or worn out. If you look on either side of the dremel you should see a round plug with a slot in it. Underneath that are the carbon brushes. Carefully remove them, as they are spring loaded, and check to see how they look.

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    Dremel question

    I have the older unit, but it's brand new. (Bought for 50$ CAD at a surplus store)

    The speed is varying a lot, but not as much as if I would change between 15kRPM and 30kRPM, so I would say 8 to 10, but the pitch changes muvh even when doing nothing...

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    Dremel question

    Check to see if the Dremel came with Xtra Brushes...............then replace them :wink:
    See if that works

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    Dremel question

    New, then take it back and try your luck with another one.

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    Dremel question

    It was bought a few months ago(New, used 3 times, keeps changing speed since I got it), there are no new brushes with it, I didn't send the warranty card and it was an Xmas gift so I don't have the bill... I'll have to probably contact Dremel directly to see what they can do.

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    Dremel question

    I just contacted Dremel to see if the billion years warranty covers this.

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    Dremel question

    Oh great... The two years warranty is two years after mfg'ing date, not selling date! (Pretty stupid IMO.)

    I'd have to pay 60$ CAD for repair...

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    Dremel question

    Try cleaning the beushes take them out as stated above then take a fairly fine grit sand papper and sand a little of the brush off then put it back in and test it out.

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    Dremel question

    And now I looked on the Internet and it's apparently 2 years after date sold...

    I tried cleaning the brushes only a few weeks after I got it I think and there wasn't any difference.

    When I brought it to them, they told that the armature needed to be changed (It vibrates like hell)

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