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Thread: Radeon 5870 DX11 vs DX10

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    Radeon 5870 DX11 vs DX10

    A clanmate of mine showed me this video of the difference between DirectX11 and DirectX10 on the Radeon 5870. First time I've seen that big of a difference in just about ANYTHING. I'm amazed. I don't know about anyone else, but this almost had me in tears and made me thankful I'm not a console gamer.

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    Radeon 5870 DX11 vs DX10

    nice attempt but unfortnatly.. fail.

    as a 3d modeler i can spot the obvious "flaws" in this presentation benchmark..
    similar to how an infomercial will over exagerate thier product to make it look better on tv for sales..
    most noticable are light things.. were they ave.. off shadows because the scene is lighted with 4-5 real lights to cover the lack of power the leds have.

    the dragon is the most noticable give away.. the fact that all the spikes bulge out.. when even in dx 10 mode.. the mesh for the spikes were STILL there.. just made to be flat.. and extruded in the 11 mode.. no.. 11 didnt make the game more detailed.. the modleres made the spikes flat intentionally even though the wireframe for them was still there.

    not to mention only the roof tops and stones were increased in detail.. and im on a lowly 8800gt with dx9.. and can handle that many poly with little effort.

    the REAL comparisons of DX10 and 11 for games are out.. and so far.. while the game is in motion.. the differences are negligible at best.

    and further examination seems that alot of the "top quality" dx 11 comparison vids on you tube are just a fake.. like the airplane run.. not dx11 at all.. not even a game.. not even real time.. its a MOVIE.. pre rendered by the animation company named in the video.,2508.html
    this is a real comparison and review.. and so far.. not as.. fantastic.. as that over exagerated "benchmark" claims.

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    Radeon 5870 DX11 vs DX10

    That guys is a knob, total fanboy. doesn't even know the guys name he got it from.

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    Radeon 5870 DX11 vs DX10

    Wait, I'm a fanboy? No, I'm not. First comparison video I've seen of DX11 and I don't spend my time trolling the net, a friend sent it to me and I watched it, there was no reason for me to think it's a fake, but that's just me. If it is a fake, then I got duped. But, I'm no fanboy by any means.

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    Radeon 5870 DX11 vs DX10

    I did not mean you as a fanboy, I meant the guy in the video.



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    Radeon 5870 DX11 vs DX10

    Oh, ok, my apologies, then, jumped to conclusions to fast.

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