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Thread: Please help me with my laptop

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    Please help me with my laptop

    Hello everyone, I have a compaq presario M2007US. I am having trouble with startup. I power up my laptop and after I log in, it just shows me my backround with no start button or task bar, just the plain ol backround.... I'm confused on how I can resolve my problem because I tried restoring it by pressing f8 and going to the restoring option and it just tells me that it is running a disk clean up and when its done, it looks like it is going to the windows xp screen to restore but instead it just goes on sleep mode.... I've tried restoring it to my earlier configurations when it worked and still, nothing. I've also tried entering in safe mode and it looks like its going to load but it just gives me a black blank screen with safe mode on every corner. I don't get why this is happening but maybe some of you pros can help me out with this issue. Thank you!

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    Please help me with my laptop

    Did you try a OS repair? If you have the original OS disk, boot up on it and select the system repair. It should go through and see if there are any missing files or damaged ones and it will replace them.

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    Please help me with my laptop

    ok I will try and see if that works. Ima have to buy an OS cd then and see whats good. Thanks for the reply.

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    Please help me with my laptop

    Well you could borrow one from a friend or...ah, some place online, to see if works. ;-)

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    Please help me with my laptop

    Hi Virtual, let us know if the OS repair doesn't work for you. It sounds like it could very well be a Malware issue.
    Do you remember downloading or opening anything specifically prior to this issue appearing? Any screens about infections popping-up from no where or anything of that sort?

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    Please help me with my laptop

    I found my xp recovery cd and recovered the laptop but now after it says windows xp with the little bar below it when its loading (before the log in screen) it just turns black and now I am staring at a black screen after the loading.

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    Please help me with my laptop

    Well you could look at this and see if there is any tools on there that might have what you need

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    Please help me with my laptop

    lol what are these programs for and how do I use them to fix my problem? I know it might help, I'm just not sure what to do. Confused.

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    Please help me with my laptop

    Well they are programs that can repair a damage disk, make partitions, check memory and such...

    It might be a trial and error with them, but my guess is that a file or two got really messed up and well you might need to a reinstall.

    If you have files on the drive you might be able to download a free live linux OS and see if grab the data and save it somewhere.

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