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Thread: Modding workshops

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    Modding workshops

    So ive been invited by a couple groups to some events and been asked to prepare some sort of workshops to talk as an "expert." I've actually turned one down but i may be going to another soon. So I was hoping to get some advice on what you think people would like to hear me talk about/ do. The interest has also been in "workshops" but I feel a bit weird as the more simple things that can be done at these sort of things such as cutting case windows I've never really done. Also things like wire management and sleeving and stuff are things that, if you've seen my work, you know i kind of neglect. Anyway, for an audience composed of people who have never installed a hard drive to intermediate modders do you guys have any suggestions?

    And also if you had anything you would like to hear me in particular talk about what would it be? If you have no idea who I am, still, what would you want to hear about from an "expert modder" at such a thing.

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    Modding workshops

    talk about concept. how did you come up with the ideas that you later built? etc etc.

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    Modding workshops

    fusinfun had a good one, thats a must! also talk about how many changes come along after concept when your building (i dont know many modders who have stuck to the orginal idea) the tools aswell, the ones we need, dremel anyone? just everything we as modders use/do why we call it a "rig" instead of a "pc" these are all things which although i know i would explain to someone if they asked me why i mod and such

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    Modding workshops

    Planning process, tools, knowing limits and hardware, do research, planning. "Measure twice, cut once" and any other cliche phrases that come to mind.

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    Modding workshops

    First off Congrats!

    From experience (NVISION 08 - QuakeCon 09) I can give you a few ideas or suggestions.

    #1 How much time do you have to do this workshop? At first thoughts an hour seems like forever, but once you get into the workshop it will over before you even get started. Each one of ours went to about 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 hours and we still had stuff to talk about.

    #2 Location- Will it be on a stage or at ground level? Whats the difference you ask, well it is like doing "Close-up" magic tricks. If you are 20 feet away from the audience they have no way to see the smaller things you are doing. So hopefully they a camera rig set up to show it on a screen or a way that you can put images on screen to at least show something.

    #3 Also Location - will you be inside or outside? Inside you will not be able to paint anything and will probably be limited on noise and sparks from tools. Outside you will have more freedom.

    #4 Have they given you any direction as to what they would like to you do? Like case modding or modding? Case modding would be more like painting and cutting while modding would be more on the fabrication side.

    #5 Once you have an idea on where you might go with the workshop try and make up some props. If it is an hour workshop you will have no way to do a complete mod in that time but if you have props in steps you can show the steps with a final product already done, like Tony and I did for NVISION 08.

    #6 Call upon Modders-Inc to help you... lol

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    Modding workshops

    Well, this specific one will be at maker faire. It will be at a booth and will just be little scheduled thing, i don't think it will be, like a big audience or anything, just a small group gathered around i would think. As for length i didnt think even close to an hour, like you said, that sounds like forever. So I'm being asked for a few different topics i can schedule whenever at a booth. For the topics it's again pretty much up to me, so I'm just trying to figure out something i can talk about and mayby do- hopefully something that I've actually done and can relate to people as the only real "case mod" ive done would be the os xbox pro.

    And thank's for your input funisfun, razer and enamor.

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    Modding workshops

    Maker faire... never been to one but I would think that there would be a mixture or people who know how to use tools and create what they want and those that are just there to look. I would place a mod or two at the booth to grab their attention and then talk about the concept behind case modding. Explain that everyone with basic to advance tool knowledge can create something.

    Talk about / show

    1- Why mod
    2- Concept (function vs looks)
    3- Layout (how to make the above work together)
    4- Tools (Dremel, saws, hand tools, etc)
    5- Cut side panel (this will combine #1,2,3,4)
    6- Painting
    7- Lighting
    8- Wire management
    9- Assemble

    Your Black Dwarf would be a good one to "remake" to as it is small enough to travel with and covers most of the topics listed.

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    Modding workshops

    This is great, thanks AF.

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