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Thread: Dewayne Americanfreak Worklog High Lane Drifter

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    Dewayne Americanfreak Worklog High Lane Drifter

    Hello everyone and I welcome you to my work log for the Staff VS Staff Hot Rod Mod Off! You can follow me as I create a modded computer case from the Thermaltake Element S. Hopefully along the way you will see how fun and easy it can be to create a custom looking computer case.

    Check out the first part of a two part series in CPU Magazine about the contest! Page 36-38

    Here is the case that all of us will be using as the base of the computer case mod.

    They stepped right up and gave us a lot to work with!

    SpinQ CPU Cooler

    TR2 RX 650w Power Supply

    Element S Case

    Our second sponsor for this contest is Crucial

    2GB, Ballistix Tracer with LED's

    The rules are as follows:

    1- Each staff member will start off with the same case, the Thermaltake Element S - Read our Review.

    2- The theme of the mod must be some sort of vehicle such as a car, truck, van, tractor, motorcycle, and etc.

    3- Tools used are limited to basic or normal modding tools (scroll saw, jig saw, rotatory tool, pliers, hammers, and etc).

    4- The majority of the painting of the case MUST be from a spray "rattle" can. We can use an airbrush but for minor details.

    5- All work must be done by the modder. NO outsourcing of work will be allowed (painting, etching, powder coating, etc).

    6- Money is limited to $150 out of our pocket.

    7- We CAN use stuff that we already have lying around such as LED's, fans, lights and etc.

    8- IF freebies from vendors are available each Staff case modder MUST get the same item or as close as possible.
    Example: Fans, not everyone would want the same size, type or color but fans would be available to everyone.

    9- There is a 3 month time limit, but that could change at anytime! 8O

    10- This is a Staff VS Staff Contest Only

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    Dewayne Americanfreak Worklog High Lane Drifter

    Well I figured I should post up a rough image of my idea for the mod....

    Remember this is just to get the ball rolling in my mind...I already have more ideas since I made this image :-)

    What am looking at doing is creating a "Drifter" style out of the case.

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    Dewayne Americanfreak Worklog High Lane Drifter

    OK here we go!!!

    There is only one way to start mod and that is getting the case out of the box Here it sits on my bench just waiting for something to happen.

    You have to take the side panel off to check out the inside and this is a must if you are going to be adding a window like I am going to do. I want to make sure that there is nothing in the way.

    I applied 2 inch wide blue painters tape (this stuff is great as it give you a place to draw your layout on plus it does not leave a sticky film when you removed it) on the entire side panel.

    I marked where I wanted part of the window to go so what I want to do now is place some lines on the side panel to mark out where the hard drive cage is and other items are located. I want to make sure that there is nothing that will keep me from making the window where I want it.

    After laying out my lines and marking where I want the window to go I laid down the tribal flames on the tape with a pencil. By using a pencil I can change my design on the fly. If I do not like what I just drew I can use the handy eraser on the other end :wink: I used Photoshop in the image to make my design, so far, stand out so that you can see it. The full black area is where the window will be.

    This is a good start as it will help see if what I have envisioned in my head will actually look go on the case.

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    Dewayne Americanfreak Worklog High Lane Drifter

    Excellent! .. taping the complete side of the real case helps with sizing and placement more than does a mockup on a computer screen
    ... I have trouble visualizing what I think up ... good idea

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    Dewayne Americanfreak Worklog High Lane Drifter

    I got so more to show off, but I will post that later tonight. Hint... you have to have some on the rear to help ya drift right ;-)

    I am up for suggestion on the color of flames. Right now I am leaning towards green that fades out to yellow. I kind of want to stay away from the obvious totally red or yellow flames.

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    Dewayne Americanfreak Worklog High Lane Drifter

    how about green to silver? I'm not sure if you're set up to do metallics, otherwise green to yellow sounds good too.

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    Dewayne Americanfreak Worklog High Lane Drifter

    Green to Silver sounds cool. Will have to track down some images of that.

    One of the things that I like to do is to make mock ups of the parts I need to make. This gives an opportunity to see if

    A) If I like the the way it looks
    B) If I have to make any changes to my idea
    C) I do not waste any material if it doesn't work or looks bad

    So I often save my favorite material to work with, cardboard. Pizza boxes, cereal boxes and stuff like that are great to use and easy to work with and normally there is plenty around the house.

    Marking the pieces on where to bend out cut is a must for me as it help me remember what I was thinking as sometimes it might be a day or two or more when I get back a mod somethings. Finding a straight edges helps you bend the cardboard. Here I am working on the foil part of the wing.

    Here are the supports....

    The blue painters tape is such a versatile tool as it can be use to hold something in place for a short time. Here
    I place the wing support on the case where I think it will work best.

    After taping together the rest of the items I get a look at what it will look like.

    Next on the list is an idea for the front door panel.

    and I have an idea for the side panel doors too.... Remember my Cooler Master mod for CES 2010?

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    Dewayne Americanfreak Worklog High Lane Drifter

    Just an image so you can get the idea of what I am looking to style the mod after; the drifting cars.

    I like the over sized letter on this one and I think it would cool to put Modders-Inc on the right side panel like that.

    I am still working on an idea for the front door, but I think I will cut some "air ducts" in to it like the air-dams the cars have and then make the rest of it be the hood of the car.

    If anyone knows of a good source for images on drifting cars let me know. Google is just not giving me what I want.


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    Dewayne Americanfreak Worklog High Lane Drifter

    I come bearing gifts of LINKS!

    Probably more then necessary. If you just look around the site, you should find a lot more then you'll need. First link is from a local team for me, so I gotta put it in there.

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    Dewayne Americanfreak Worklog High Lane Drifter


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