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Thread: things you done with those left over Hsf's ..

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    things you done with those left over Hsf's ..

    as the title states What have you Done with those Stock Amd / Intel / Video card HSF's ? I myself I allways find the Perfect Use for em . And that is ...................... Mod EM , I mod em to various things ( water blocks or attempt them any ways ) or use em on video cards ( these work Out so much Better )

    This picture of a video card , a Simple x1600pro Agp ( volt Modded ) with a Simple Amd xp Hsf and a Sapphire Heat sink ( whats left of it ) cut and made to fit Mem Sinks and a rialto bridge chip cooler ...

    no the image isnt upside down ....

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    things you done with those left over Hsf's ..

    I'm tempted to try that, but I'm not sure if say a Prescott Alu HS would do better than a 6600GT's Cu HS.

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    things you done with those left over Hsf's ..

    well on the cards i did this mod to 6800le , and the x1600pro both cards were modified , the 6800 le 1.1 volts 300 core stock to 1.5 volts 452 core ( bios mod ) was at 48 c full load after running Needforspeed most wanted , Fable ( games like that for a lil over a couple hours ) the x1600pro Agp had a stock voltage of 1.35 ( this was done with a multimeter ) and 600 core speed i was at 65c full load ( no room for anymore overclocking ) so i modded yet another hsf for it , with a lil help from a pencil and multimeter i volt modded the core to 1.74 volts and 732 core my temps were 55c full load ( that was running 06 continous for 30 min and 05 for the other 30 min plus gaming for bout an hour , i used rivatuner monitoring and my areogate to record temps ) it did make a difference .

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    things you done with those left over Hsf's ..

    I cut down one to help keep my 7900GT cool...........

    In this pis the ones I made are on the right of the pic.

    Here's a few differant one's I cut up for the hotter chips on the back of the card.

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    things you done with those left over Hsf's ..

    clean looking mod . them mosfets get hot on them cards ?

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