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Thread: ROG Experience Tour - Round 2 (Discussion thread)

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    ROG Experience Tour - Round 2 (Discussion thread)

    As you may have seen for the modder's article, ASUS is kicking off an opportunity for modders and overclockers to compete within our online competition. Winners will have a chance to attend and compete at Blizzcon 2010 in ASUS' booth!

    Here is the original source:
    and here are the rules:

    Please read them carefully! hopefully we can use this thread for discussion to anyone that may have questions regarding this competition.

    In short, the goal is to try and rank top 2 with a combined score of Top benchmark (up to 1000 points), lightest weight (up to 1000 points), and Style (up to 500 points). You are restricted to Air or water cooling only.

    with a combined score from these 3 categories, the top 2 teams of 2 will get to compete at Blizzcon. we not only have ROG boards but our great partners have contributed CPUS, Memory, SSD, PSU, and other great hardware to make it worth your while.

    This competition is open to ROG board owners. ASUS board owners may compete to win a ROG Rampage III Formula!

    Be strategic and have fun!

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    ROG Experience Tour - Round 2 (Discussion thread)

    Hey guys lets see what we can do out there! We need to show that us modders are the best at both worlds (OC'ing and Modding).

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    ROG Experience Tour - Round 2 (Discussion thread)

    OCZ has just added 4x Vertex 2 series SSD and Intel has added 4x 980X CPU to the prize pool!

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