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Thread: my work computer

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    my work computer

    I don't know if this counts as a mod or not but I figure I would share it. if I posted this in the wrong place please move it for me. I got bored at work and decided to wrap my computer. I own a full service graphics studio. I had some free time so I came up with a design and wraped it.

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    my work computer

    Man that is some awesome work! That is actually quite unique if you ask me.
    Its TWO thumbs up :!: :!:

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    my work computer

    well that bad thing is I mailed that case off to get the computer built. well UPS droped it out of the box put it back in upside down. I still waiting on a replacment. It's only been 3 months thanks to UPS. I will share the damage pictures I have. everthing in the box was a total loss.


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    my work computer

    ARRGGGG! Don't EVEN talked to me about UPS.... they lost a modded case I did for Cooler Master a few years back, Now I have my own acct with Fedex.

    The wraps look great!

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    my work computer

    Trust me I know. I got a Idea for a pretty sweet case I have a R/C gas boat I was thinking about doign something with for the kids.I'm in the middle of redoign all the kids rooms in themes.

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    my work computer

    WEll I have to give it to fed-x for a job well done. As you can tell the builder did not play around this time with the shipping of it he built a crate.All i have to do now is wrap the case sides agin and hook it up to the 32" lcd and I can get back to work. cratephotobucket

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    my work computer

    That is the only way to be safe with but doing it that way must of cost a heck of a lot.

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    my work computer

    umm it I believe it was $80 for 3 day sellect threw fedx and the orginal shipping from Ups with out the crate was $125. the fedx guy was so nice he even carried it in the house.

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    my work computer

    Nice Wrap Job! Looks awesome

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    my work computer

    THanks The system came in undamaged so I though nothing to big, but still a PIA.2 sticks of ram is not working, and I'm trying to figure our why one of the hard drives is not showing up all the connections are made.

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