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Thread: Phase cooling?

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    Phase cooling?

    So i have been spending sometime researching phase changing and how it all works, i'm finding it very interesting and the different ways of using Phase Cooling. Even though there is a lot of information out there i think I'm on a information OVERLOAD and can only take so much information at once. It honestly took me a few days before i actually understood what each part in phase changing does and why its there. I tell ya i found this site from Germany and my word there was this 5 stage Cascade with a cooling temp of -169.3°C. I mean WOW its just insane what you can do with phase changing in a cascade.

    Even after i found all that good information i still have a few questions. So i have a proposal for a new section, could there be a phase Cooling Section in M-I, I think its a type of mod but more for overclocking, could be very interesting topic, I know i have a project just waiting for me down stairs that consists of a watercooler that still works great but i still need to learn about charging and discharging before i even attempt taking part in that project.

    What is your opinion on phase change cooling, should this be a part of M-I? Cast your Vote and see.

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    Phase cooling?

    I say no. How many people actually use Phase Change anyway? I did for awhile after I put one in R2-D2. Besides, they're far too expensive for most modders and annoying to maintain. I replaced the fuse in mine about 8 times in two months because of the rediculous power draw kept blowing it out

    But in reality even the Vapochill forums didn't have enough traffic to stay afloat.

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    Phase cooling?

    I know what your talking about not having enough flow of people to keep it a float, i mean just trying to find decent forums to find "good" info is hard but even still, its people that already into that trade, so the information can be to technical or just down right confusing.
    Even though all that said, and no matter the cost, I am still interested in creating a mini-monster phase cooler. For what exactly... Just for fun. Even if i dont use it for what its intended for.

    And for that fuse issue you had, i know your pain, I had been in car audio for sometime in the past and my 5000w amp needed a 250a fuse but i used 60a and well the replacing of that fuse came very often. Eventually i got the right fuse but all in all it was a pain in the butt to have that fuse go every other day.

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    Phase cooling?

    I will have to agree with TGS on this one. We already have some areas the get little traffic and some I have deleted :-0

    Phase change... (refrigeration) is a very niche' group and has it own challenges. It is great for those that REALLY want to push the Overclocking, but as a daily usage PC it becomes a real nuisance with the noise and other items.

    Water cooling is a lot less expensive and customizable.

    It is a kewl mod... YES! Does it needs its own space...I would have to see a lot of questions about it (I think yours might be the first one).

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    Phase cooling?

    I'm possibly the first one, Wow well that tells me its a pretty scarce topic indeed.

    The real reason for learning phase cooling is i've been designing a "Crash Test Desk" and was wanting to implement this phase cooling into my design. As it stands its work in progress but i'm also excited to learn about this type of cooling for this project.
    Right now its all work in progress but i'll give ya a sneek peek at what i'm up to.

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    Phase cooling?

    Please do keep us posted and maybe you can become our resident expert on the subject and I would be more that willing to hand over that section to you as a moderator :-)

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    Phase cooling?

    Let's see the worklog

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    Phase cooling?

    As it stands its in the design stage but i will gladly create a work log when the details are all worked out "hence the sneak peek". Also if i want to include phase cooling a have to build at least a SS (single stage) phase cooler before i begin this project. And the fact starting the ss phase cooler is at easier grasp right now then the desk so i think i'm going for that first.

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