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Thread: Background Color

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    Background Color

    OK here is an off the wall question. We currently use a dark blue color for the background for the side of the site.

    Do you like it?

    Would White be better?

    Would Black be better?

    Or what color?

    Just trying to change the look a bit around here and I am just curious on what others think.


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    Background Color

    My personal favorite is dark blue, even darker then what it is now, almost like XcaliburFX recent case. Is it possible to do a fade effect from dark to light? Having a fade effect is what i would suggest if possible, but still keeping the Blue

    Kinda like this...

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    Background Color

    Lol... picture says it all

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    Background Color

    I'm with kordova on this one. Blue is relaxing and a friendly/pleasing color to me. If it weren't blue I'd choose green as an alternative.

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    Background Color

    Just noticing the different background color on the main page "at the moment". My thoughts PERFECT its even easier on the eyes.

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    Background Color

    Cool... will look at changing it on forums side

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    Background Color

    Now we are talking!! Seems like you've been busy, there's a new review, logo and the new background. Its all good in my opinion.

    I really like the look of it now, can anyone else agree?

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    Background Color

    I agree, the dark blue does look better and the new logo is freakin sweet.

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    Background Color


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