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Thread: Opteron 12 Core

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    Opteron 12 Core

    Why or why not can this be used in a gaming system?

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    Opteron 12 Core

    I would say not. Most games aren't really optimized for 4 cores, let alone 12. Thus, running 4 cores at 2.1gHz (stock speed) with 8 cores idling in the background is worse than running 4 cores at 3gHz with 0 cores idling.

    Would be nice for a LAN party though, you could run 4 - 6 well supplied game servers off of one box with a few extra NICs for latency reduction.

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    Opteron 12 Core

    I think that those CPU's are created with servers in mind and all the circuits and processes are geared towards that type of functionality. IF I am not mistaken with something like that you could assign cores to different OS'es. I will have to look that one up to make sure.

    Awesome idea though... :-)

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    AMD told us the TDP values of the Magny-Cours at 80 and 105W ACP. The TDP values of the Lower power versions were not disclosed yet.

    And as we disclosed on the benchmark config page, none of the benches uses more than 20 GB. The vAPus mark I uses about 19 GB. The SQL Server uses much less. While the SQL server test has to scan through the complete index, it does access the complete 100 GB data. There absolutely no advantage for the Opterons there. We checked.

    The fact that we spec the servers like that is a direct consequence of their memory channels (3 and 4). There is not much we can do about that.

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