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Thread: COD Black OPS

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    COD Black OPS

    Well how got?

    I thought the single player was a pretty good and they tried hard to really made you part of the game and the story line.


    Did you know that you can get out of the chair at the main screen and play two games?

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    COD Black OPS

    I have it, and enjoyed the single player as well?

    How do you get out of the chair, and what can you play!? 0-0

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    COD Black OPS

    Press the space bar repeatedly and the restraints come off. Then walk around and find the old pc. If you type in ZORK you get to play a very old line command role playing game. If you type in DOA you get to play an overhead/look down zombie killing game.

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    COD Black OPS


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    COD Black OPS

    What do you guys think of the online? I've played it (on PS3) and it was friggin' awesome (for the most part). It feels a lot like MW2 and [email protected], though, which is a downside. What features does the PC version have? I know console has theatre mode and a few other things that PC doesn't have (which sucks...considering theatre mode is the greatest thing ever).

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    COD Black OPS

    I can't tell you what the PC version has over any other version, but I'm really digging all the fully customizable stuff!

    I mean, when was the last time an online game allowed to to put your clan tags on your gun? Or offered over 30 different optical reticules, and colors to boot? 0-0

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    COD Black OPS

    OK so we know that we can now get to the computer iin the main screen and that we can type in a few commands BUT there are a lot more commands that you can do!

    Here is a teaser ...

    "...This allows you to see the users located on this particular server, which is the CIA server. Note that I said server; there are other servers that can be accessed. From the research that I have done, there are at least three other servers,..."

    Here is a link to the article.

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