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Thread: Blacked Out Soprano

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    Blacked Out Soprano

    Here is a mod I did last year for a customer.

    It started out as a quick one week build but I begged him to let me work some magic on it. He said I could do whatever I want. BIG MISTAKE! :P

    I decided to just paint the inside of the case first. But then I thought I could experiment. So I used some rubberized undercoating instead of paint. My idea was that it would cut way down on sound. It does! It's so quiet you can barely tell it's on.

    Then it took on a life of it's own. I did some research and discovered that "conformal coating" can be used as a protective layer for electronics. AND, it can be top coated. So I decided to risk painting the mobo flat black. It worked with no problems!

    There was a lot more to it but that's the short story.

    Here's the pics.

    Thanks for looking 8-)

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    Blacked Out Soprano

    Did I see that right, you painted the motherboard?

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    Blacked Out Soprano

    Did I see that right, you painted the motherboard?
    He certainly did! Pretty cool.

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    Blacked Out Soprano

    Yes I painted the motherboard.

    But before everyone decides to do it there are a few things to learn.

    If interested I can post the original work log. It's from another site and wasn't sure what the rules are for linking to other sites.

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    Blacked Out Soprano

    Hi, as simple as all black is that build is hot as hell. (in a looks way, not a temp way)

    On the temp note I was wondering if after coating the mobo if it raised any of the NB/Sb/mobo temps? If so do you remember how much?


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    Blacked Out Soprano

    Linking is OK, but you could just post a few here and highlight what you did. I too am curious as the what the effects the painting had on the system.

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    Blacked Out Soprano

    I did a lot of research before I just went crazy with a spray can.

    First, the mobo is a Gigabyte UD3P which has extra cooling features and the board is slightly thicker than most so it is supposed to cool better, or so they claim. Only the front is painted as well.

    I used a product called Conformal Coating that you can get in a spray can. It is a protective coating that is used for protecting against the elements outside and shields static electricity also. Once applied, it can be top coated.

    I used dielectric grease on all the pins to keep the paint from sticking to the metal. That way when I plugged something in the paint would slide down the shaft of the pin, exposing the metal for good contact.

    I used blue tape to block off some of the connectors and painted over it so you can't tell it was even a connector.

    One thing I noticed was, the paint only needed to be fogged on. There really isn't a lot on there. It stuck like glue to the conformal coating.

    I had no issues upon completion. Booted right up and has been used primarily for gaming for over a year with no problems.

    Temps are normal across the board. I've checked it after a long gaming spree and it still stays pretty normal.

    When I have it at a lan people can't believe it's real. The look on peoples faces is awesome. :P

    Also, there is almost NO sound coming from this thing. The inside of the case is completely sprayed with rubber undercoating and it kills the sound completely.

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    Blacked Out Soprano


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    Blacked Out Soprano

    Cool and interesting both

    Dielectric greese also helps the pins conduct heat so that would be another benifit

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    Blacked Out Soprano

    Now thats some creative thinking!! Ingenious I say!

    I also like that the fact it stays as cool as it does, and that its still running like a champ!

    Having done that you could use your mobo as a blank canvas, making it completely unique from anything else. Just loving the thought on this.

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