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Thread: Loving the Guild

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    Loving the Guild

    I'm not into WoW but I have been watching the Webisodes of The Guild on MS Media and I have to admit it's a hell of a funny show. It's even more interesting considering the whole budget for the show originally came from online donations from the fans.
    Eventually Microsoft got onboard and sponsored the show. They're short shows but well worth your time to watch.
    Here's a video they did which is actually pretty damn good. And it's almpost got 15,000,000 hits!


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    Loving the Guild

    And here's the premier of the music video at Comic Con 2009 before it was released to the public.

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    Loving the Guild

    Have you ever watched the IT Crowd? It a British comedy that is pretty darn funny!

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    Loving the Guild

    This service is currently not available in your area.

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    Loving the Guild

    yeah it is oversea's... just wanted to get a link to what it is about. I do believe that you can get it through XBOX Live.

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    Loving the Guild

    I saw the first two seasons of The Guild on Netflix and laughed hard as can be. I used to play WoW so it was pretty easy to relate to it (which is pretty sad). I thought it had ended at S2 because of the way it ended but seeing as it didn't...time to watch the rest. Even if you don't play WoW or any other MMORPG, it's still funny...but if you don't game at all, you miss a lot.

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    Loving the Guild

    I watch the IT crowd Anyhow how the hell did i miss the guild? pure brilliant!

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    Loving the Guild

    I think you miss some Enamor but not a lot of it. My bro-in-law and nephew and sis all did WoW so I was around it but I never really played it or got into it at all as it was too slow paced for my liking but they were completley immersed in it.
    Even with that though, there were a lot of things I did pick up and enjoyed simply because you can still relate to the enthusiasm factor and dedication which are two qualities we all enjoy especially as modders/builders. With the little gaming I've done (FPS) to this point there were plenty of inside jokes I still managed to pick up and this is truly the most refreshing and funny show I think I've ever seen. Glad you like it razer .

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