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    We are the newest proudest parents of our new CNC router.
    Here is a clip showing it in action.
    Vector logo created in Corel Draw, then exported as a .dxf and imported into ArtCam Pro where toolpaths were assigned and outputted to G-Code which Mach3 translates and runs the router.
    I'm already experienced with the x and the y, but the z is all new![/video]]CNC Router tests

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    Sweeet! Congratulations. Now if they were only affordable for the average home user.

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    It is expensive, luckily my home business has allowed me to justify the expense. I also have been saving for 2 years. Along the way I have been studying and getting myself ready so when I finally had the opportunity, I would be ready. I have some crazy concepts I have been wanting to work out in aluminum and acrylic. Once I can get my learning curve squared away I will offer to cut out other modders stuff as well. I was hoping to find others who are using CNC's to fab parts and get opinions on software and materials, such as router bits and finishing techniques. Anybody out there?

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    Awesome man! I will be sure to keep you in mind on the offer to cut stuff and maybe when you feel more comfortable we can work out a deal (get some stuff cut) to post up an ad for you :-)

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    I'm down with that.
    I can post more info as I progress and point out what I learn if you are interested.
    I would do screen shots and a step by step.

    I just plunged the head into the bed for the first time and broke a $100 2 and 1/2 inch fluted bit

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    Yeah if you want to sell you services out we can hook you up with an ad or if you want to do it pro-bono thats cool!

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    That's so cool. Would like to see some of your work posted here.

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    Thanks AF,
    I will let you know how things go in the next few weeks. Fixed my issue. Needed to install a set screw in the Z drive shaft coupler. Always something.

    Thanks shutterinfear,
    I only usually do one computer mod every couple of years. I have started a new mod and hope to have it finished this time in 2013. My Tron mod is scheduled for the end of this year. I have another mod project, but it involves an older 80's synthesizer. I will release it at the end of February. I will post these projects as I finish them. I don't like the traditional work log, so I will post these as completed projects and answer any questions that anybody might have. Talk to you soon.

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    As you all know I'm just learning how to use this CNC router. I for some silly reason thought to use regular end mills to cut out aluminum, this was a bad mistake. Typical end mills spin between 600 and 900 rpm. The average router spins at speeds over 25,000 rpm. DO NOT USE END MILLS! Use single fluted CNC router specialty bits. Amana Tool have a special line for aluminum, plastics and hard plastics. Single fluted bits make a HUGE difference! With the right bit, I am able to cut out 1/8 inch aluminum in one pass with no cooling.
    Check out the vid, NOW IN HD!

    A couple of peeps were asking for pics of the machine setup.

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    I am drooling! You are one luck dawg!!! !

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