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Thread: Epic Mickey Mod

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    Epic Mickey Mod

    So.. It's been awhile since I've been on the site and i just wanted to take a moment and say hey to everyone again.

    I bought a new case and power supply for my wifes computer and thought i might mod it a little bit while i had it in pieces.

    She loves anything Disney so i thought i would make a Disney themed case for her but with a twist. I bought her Epic Mickey awhile back and i love the darkness of this game. Not sure if anyone here has played it but it is a pretty good game. I had no choice but to mod it around that. The case is a Thermaltake V3 Black Edition with a Thermaltake TR2 430W PS. So far I have only installed a green 120 Silenx front fan and a Ultra fan controller. I plan on cutting a window into it tomorrow and etching a logo into plexi. Heres some pics:

    More to come tomorrow. Open to criticisms and suggestions.


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    Epic Mickey Mod

    I can tell by the parts you either have a CompUSA in your area or you ordered from Tigerdirect . This sounds like a fun build.

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    Epic Mickey Mod

    Yeah, I have a Tigerdirect a little over 30 minutes from my house. Its nice being able to just go pick it up rather then wait on it to arrive.

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    Epic Mickey Mod

    Nice, i do remember you from a long time ago oddly enough! glad to see a mod coming from ya and what a choice! keep us updated, looking forward to it!

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    Epic Mickey Mod

    Welcome back...stay around man even if your not modding!

    You mean there are REAL Tigerdirect stores??

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    Epic Mickey Mod

    Yep, there is a brick and mortar TigerDirect here in Dallas, as well as a CompUSA!
    Been meaning to swing by and look.

    Looking forward to seeing the build bro! WELCOME BACK!


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    Epic Mickey Mod

    Well that is because you have everything in Texas. You do know that tigerdirect bought compusa last year or was that the year before?

    Well all we have around here is a Fry's Electronics... yeah i know, you have one there

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    Epic Mickey Mod

    Thanks for welcome back guys. I was able to get the window cut and the side panel cut out.
    I will etch the plexi tomorrow. Sorry about the fuzzy pictures im using my phone...need to find my sony.

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    Epic Mickey Mod

    On that note here is a write up I did for the website about our local CompUSA that I hope will make for some interesting reading and visualizations. 47

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    Epic Mickey Mod

    And welcome back Nova . I think you left about the time I came aboard. I'm an ex resident of GA too .

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