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    PDXLAN 17

    Well I have finally made it to a PDXLAN! So far everyone has been great and really nice. Those that are modders would think they might have gone to heaven as every row has some sort of mod or two of three.

    I have taken a lot of pictures so far, but I need to go through them and post them.

    I want to say thanks to Danger Den for giving me a space and to DarthBeavis for slapping together a system for me to play on...just a Danger Den water cooled i7 extreme quad, nvidia 580, 12 gig of ram and a crucial if i could just figure out how to get into my suitcase

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    PDXLAN 17

    Awesome dude! Can't wait for the pics!!

    LOL Just slapped it together eh...? That's some pretty decent hardware 8O Wish I had that just laying around haha.

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    PDXLAN 17

    It's great to meet you here!

    I think my cordless Sawzall is in my truck if you still need help with that suitcase. :P

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    PDXLAN 17

    KIcks much ass that you are there AF! Have a great time, and agreed on the machine. Very cool of DarthBeavis to do that and I look forward to the pics!


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    PDXLAN 17

    I will try to get some images up as soon as I can. I had forgotten that the event till Monday night and I had my flight all booked and stuff to leave Monday and straight to work the next day.

    I saw a lot of great mods up there and meet some great people too!

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