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Thread: Sandy Bridge crumbling down?

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    Sandy Bridge crumbling down?

    So how many of you know of and know what is this about?

    You do realized it is not the CPU that has the issues, right?

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    Sandy Bridge crumbling down?

    isn't it something to do with the motherboard that starts to corrupt the SATA ports? something like the interface? Haven't read up too much on it cuz I'm usually not gonna be one of those early adopters.

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    Sandy Bridge crumbling down?

    The CPU are fine as it is the Intel P67 and H67 chipset have a flaw. It appears that it affects the SATAII ports and that over time they degrade as much as 6% or more...BUT from what I read (but nee to read more) that it could take as long as 3 years for the normal PC user to see it get to that point. What I heard but not sure if it is true that it might do something to the drive itself, but I kind of find that hard to believe.

    The SATAIII ports are suppose to fine, which is funny as this is the newest one. You would think this would be the one with the issues.

    I have one the boards that might have the bad chips, but have been told all should be well. We will see as I just ordered a i7 2600k for it.

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