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    Level 10 GT

    [video width=640 height=390][/video]

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    Level 10 GT


    I know I am no Spielberg, but did I do OK? Too much info or not enough? I can't see how the others do it in 3-5 minutes...I guess I just talk slower.

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    Level 10 GT

    Seems more in depth than reviews I've seen, which probably makes up for the time difference. I think majority of people just cover major things on it and even than they just record parts of it, edit it down, and place the audio over it. I enjoyed it, kind of makes me interested a bit more in the case but outta my price range and style taste.

    +points for B&W.

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    Level 10 GT

    In case people don't know we do have a Youtube channel

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    Level 10 GT


    I know I am no Spielberg, but did I do OK? Too much info or not enough? I can't see how the others do it in 3-5 minutes...I guess I just talk slower.
    Just saw this, will watch tomorrow, going to bed right now.
    Looking forward to it though!


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    Level 10 GT

    I liked how informative it was as you seemed to cover every inch of the case with full detail which was awesome as most reviewers don't do that. Though for video reviews in my opinion you could spice it up a bit by relating what options on the case "do for you" personally and also compared to other people while making it a feature that would be a selling point to someone as most companies give review products to sites so the site can talk people into buying that product.

    For example. when you were talking about the headphone rest you said (roughly):

    "So if your'e at a lan you don't have to be hanging them down on your chair or on the table and they are up and out of the way. It's a great place to store them"

    An alternative with a bit more personal relation, enthusiasm and selling points could have been:

    Now I myself don't game a lot with head phones or go to many lan parties but for those of you that do they also have this great feature where you can actually hang your head phones right on your computer when not in use instead of just having them laying around somewhere which I know a lot of you will love this capability."

    Though that seemed like more to say but it would spice it up a bit and people watching will be more interested as they relate to you, possibly the feature to themselves, then are told how it would be great for them if they have that need.

    As for the length of almost 14 minutes it is kinda long for a review but that can be easily shortened up by summarizing certain areas together in a few statements while in the review going from video to pictures fading from one to another pointing out what you are talking about then going back to video.

    All in all I liked this video review as it was very informative for every aspect of the case which made me feel as if the case was in front of me and I had time to examine it which most reviewers are unable to do for me.

    Also what's up with the black and white, your choice or equipment limitations? If equipment then pm me and we can talk.

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