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Thread: Folsom Intel Lan

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    Folsom Intel Lan

    Anyone going to be attending the Folsom Intel Lanfest. I should be down their hit me up , ull see me. :-)

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    Folsom Intel Lan

    Everytime I here the word Folsom I think of Johnny Cash... " I hear that train a coming..."

    Where? What state? Got a link?

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    Folsom Intel Lan

    Intel and a ton of other sponsors hold these lans across the united states, they are pretty fun, alot of good people, All proceeds go back to charity, I believe. It really is a great cause and a good way to give back to the community.
    This one is in Folsom county in Sacramento California, but they hold them all over.

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    Folsom Intel Lan

    Yeah we have done one here in AZ for a few years now... actually I think we might have been the first ones to do as was held AT the Intel plant here. Now that was cool!

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    Folsom Intel Lan

    LOL I thought of the exact same thing as AF when I read the title. Folsom Prison Blues.

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