DARPA wants some help from gamers in developing the software for unmaned ASW
you can help by trying to track a subarine that is doing it's best not to be tracked
they have included in Sonalysts Combat Simulations Dangerous WatersTM game
or you can download it here ...

the whole point is to help them develop the software so you'll be asked after each scenario if you would submit data ....

"As you complete each scenario in the simulation you will be asked if you would like to submit data about your game play to our database for analysis. The data collected doesn’t contain any information about you or your computer, or anything else outside of what you did with ACTUV and how well it worked. Good or bad, please agree to submit your data for analysis so that we can see what tactics work (or don’t work!). And you can always say no- installing and playing the simulation does not collect or send any information until you expressly agree to it at the end of each scenario"