I'm not sure if anyone has run into this yet and I'm also wondering how I did not run in to it earlier?

If you use the SMP setup which recommends you setup a new FAH folder in your User's directory (C:Users<name of your PC>FAH) and then install the installation program inside that folder (FAH) and rename it (the installation program) to fah6, using Windows 7 in 64 bit mode I could not then get the program to install itself no matter what I ddi or where I downloaded it from.
I continuously got an error that the path could not be found or the program wasn't installed where it said. Well BUNK!
The program is where it's supposed to be but you have to right click on the installation program inside the FAH folder and right click "unblock" the downloaded file. Apparently it's a direct download from one of the systems at Stanford and Win 7 is set to not allow those programs to run automatically, I would assume similar to the CD AutoRun which is now turned off by default?