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Thread: About the Featured Rig of the Month

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    About the Featured Rig of the Month

    We are taking this to the next level by picking a Mod a Month. Not only are you going to get Featured on the site but you will be getting Prizes too! All you have to do is post your worklog in our Modding Work logs section of the forums and hope that you get picked. You don't have to be a "pro" modder to win. What we will be looking for are all sorts of mods and ones that are well on their way to be finished or have been completed. If you do not get picked this month there is always next month, the month after, the month after. We will be looking at all the mods that get post so never know when you might be the winner.

    Make sure you check out all the mods that we feature at the Featured Mods Page

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    About the Featured Rig of the Month


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    About the Featured Rig of the Month

    Yes for May of 2011 the Winner gets....

    If you are lucky enough to get picked and featured in May of 2011 you will get the following prizes.

    Everyone's favorite memory company will be supplying you with ANY memory from their website up to $250 USD in value! Thank you Crucial for your continued support of case modders, overclockers and pc enthusiast's.

    Crucail Memory

    We want to say thank you to Mnpctech for sponsoring our Featured Rig of the Month. This is a real privilege to have a Master Modder give you some of the items that he personally uses.

    The Featured Rig of the Month will get ONE of these awesome prizes from the Mnpctech store!

    Prize 1 - 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Film
    Do you want the look and feel of real carbon fiber, but at way less in price. Then you have to check out this Carbon Fiber Film. It will adheres to both flat and curved surfaces. Which means you can put it on just about anything you want such as power supplies, cases, monitors, keyboards, mice, drive faces, headphones, bezels, fan controllers, toggle switches... you get the idea.

    Prize 2 - PC Modder Ruler & Gauge
    This is the first ruler for PC builders and modders and is designed by a Modder, so you know it has everything you need. This awesome tool includes measurements in both inches and millimetres, along with a built-in computer screw-gauge, templates for switches, drive screw locations and the list goes one. The ruler is CNC-milled from 1/8in-thick 6061 billet aluminum with all the calibrations lines CNC-engraved to withstand extensive wear. This is one serious ruler for the serious builder.

    Prize 3 - Pair of Mnpctech Billet Case Handles
    Only the best goes into these CNC milled from blocks of 3/4" thick solid aluminum.
    Includes 4 fasteners and nuts. 1/4" mounting hole, 3/4" width x 6-1/4' length x 1-11/16" tall

    Check out the Featured Mods Page

    Help us pick the winner for April 2011 Vote for FROTM April 2011

    In just a few days we will be starting the process for May and we already have a Level 10 GT Case from Themaltake up for grabs!

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    About the Featured Rig of the Month

    Great prizes to choose from! This is a great idea and should breed some very intense competition with some of the great modders that visit and are regulars to the site. Good luck to all the contestants!

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    About the Featured Rig of the Month

    im in..

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    About the Featured Rig of the Month

    Hey guys this Feature is All ABOUT YOU!!

    We, as modders, know how much time and hard work goes into ANY case mod and well you guys deserve the acknowledgment! Not only do we think you deserve it but your peers and manufactures do too. That is why they are fighting over the chance to give you the rewards you ought to have.

    Take the time to show off your hard work and join the list of winner in the Featured Rig of the Month Hall of Fame.


    P.S. I am looking for an award logo to attach to the winners log. If you think you can create one and willing to let us use your work please let me know or post it.

    Thank you!

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    About the Featured Rig of the Month

    Any ideas of what size logo you are looking for? Roughly how many pixels W/H as this will determine how much fine detail I put into it.

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    About the Featured Rig of the Month

    I do not think anything larger that 300 x 300 as I do not want to overtake the screen... lol

    I would just like people to know that this mod was picked as a FRotM and that maybe others would like you add it to their tag lines on other sites to show that they have what it take to be picked as a Modders-Inc FRotM ;-)

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    About the Featured Rig of the Month

    Will see what I can Do.

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    About the Featured Rig of the Month

    Got a few logos, feel kinda silly posting them as I only have 2 of them so far,

    would have more but I was limited with time.

    They are currently 250 x 250 and can be resized to what you want. Just a few ideas:

    I will have more when I get some more time to work on it.

    Any thoughts or ideas on colors, layout, wording and such? This is not just to AF but to everyone.

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