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Thread: is this LCD shot or can it be fixed?

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    is this LCD shot or can it be fixed?

    Hi guys/gals, my parents TV has developed a weird kind of almost water mark on the screen. I have never seen something like this before on a LCD TV. It appeared a couple of month ago out of no where in the bottom left side of the screen. It is there regardless of what video sources are used. they have cleaned it since and the mark remains. Below is some pics with it outlined so you know where to look on the untouched pics.

    Any ideas of what this is?

    Any ideas of what this is? What sucks is that the warranty ran out last month.


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    is this LCD shot or can it be fixed?

    "Planned obsolescence.... That sucks....
    I got nothing for you. No clue what causes it.


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    is this LCD shot or can it be fixed?

    How odd...

    Dead pixels of course would show nothing and damaged ones would show a single color.

    I would guess that the screen itself got damaged somehow, by a liquid or maybe some one tied to clean it after something might of got splashed on it? Just taking shots in the dark here.

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    is this LCD shot or can it be fixed?

    Not sure but you may want to check out a few articles by others who've experiences similar problems.

    It looks as thought this is not as
    much of an uncommon thing as you would think.

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    is this LCD shot or can it be fixed?

    Thanks, next time I stop over there I will try the fixes from the articles.

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