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Thread: QuakeCon 2011

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    QuakeCon 2011

    Who is going?

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    QuakeCon 2011

    Where is it? I can't go any way but I am curious where it is.

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    QuakeCon 2011

    Dallas Texas

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    QuakeCon 2011

    Hey guys the M-I crew will be heading out to QuakeCon 2011 in the next day or so... some are already starting the trip. If you happen to be at the event please look us up!

    We will more than likely be wearing our Modders-Inc Shirts and if you see a guy on scooter, that is Tazz so say hello and give him a high five!

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    QuakeCon 2011

    Have fun guys and be safe.

    Also, should there be any private parties with drunk booth babes, digital cameras are cheap and you have my email.

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