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    Hello and hi all, big EVGA fan and stopping by to see what is going on.


    Intel Core i7 920 D0 @ 4.0ghz (Air)
    EVGA X58 SLI LE Mobo
    EVGA GTX 285 Classified VCard
    Corsair 850HX PSU
    Corsair Dominator 6GB [1600mhz (7-7-7-20)] Ram
    WD Velociraptor 300GB Drive
    I-Inc 28" HDMI Monitor
    Cooler Master HAF 932 Case
    Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse
    Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard
    Logitech X-530 5.1 Surround

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    Hello and Welcome to Modders-Inc.

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    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

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    Whassuup Rob and welcome to the forums.

    Intel Core i7 920 D0 @ 4.0ghz (Air)
    Nice! What cooler you using?

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    Nice rig Robbie and welcome to Modders-Inc .

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