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Thread: Case from scratch

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    Case from scratch

    Hey everyone,

    At the beginning of the summer, I really got into Google's SketchUp and modeled all of my PC components to realistic sizes and decided to design a case around them. After a few nights of scratching my head and changing the shape and size about twenty times, I finally came up with a great cube case design that's about 1' 3" cubed.

    After procrastinating for a while (and studying for the LSAT), I've decided it's time. But I need some advice. I'm looking for the material to build the outside panels out of. I would like it to have a bare metal finish (even if it's fake painted on), but I'm not sure which material to use or where to get it locally.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Case from scratch

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

    When you say locally, where is that?

    As for the material you have a lot of options. You could use plexiglas or wood and use some vinyl film to cover it to give you a metal look.

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    Case from scratch

    Hey, thanks for the reply! I really like your suggestion. Local is Cookeville, TN. It's exactly half way between Nashville and Knoxville. We have a Lowes here and some smaller hardware shops. I could even make a run to Nashville or Knoxville if I really needed to.

    I'm much more comfortable building things out of wood, but I'm worried about the weight. Between my Dad and Brother, I probably have the tools to cut just about anything, I just don't have much experience. But gaining that experience is half the fun, right?

    Thanks again!

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    Case from scratch

    I just don't have much experience. But gaining that experience is half the fun, right?
    Love you attitude! An yes you are right!

    Well you could use some thin MDF since it going to be a rather same cube.

    Something else about the metal effect... I was watching "overhauling" the other day and Chip Foose laid down some silver paint and then scratched it with a rough sanding pad and it gave it a wicked brush metal look.

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