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    Out of the dark

    Hope you like it

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    Hope you like it
    What is not to like about it. Very nice and clean. +1

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    Yep, very clean, two colors makes it nice and easy on the eyes. Red and black is always a good combo to go with as well.

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    Red, black AND chrome !

    Even though it has an Intel processor I still have to give you major props, this build is stunning to say the least!

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    Also wanted to give you major kudos for the sleeved wiring on the graphics cards, superb touch and it really adds a lot of class to the build!!!

    The red frame around the front panel, is that lit as well? If so could you show how you lit it please?

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    nice job man very clean keep up

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    Amazing, only hope i can achive some thing close.... A++++

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    Super Duper clean and sleek!!! I love this mod.
    Thumbs up!


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