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Thread: Chairity LanParty Austin is 2wks away...

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    Chairity LanParty Austin is 2wks away...

    LANfest Austin is 2wks away - Sept 2nd.

    We have plenty of seats... which means the "carrot" of getting free BBQ for filled seats is in jeopardy.
    Reminder; If we sellout all seats - Our sponsors will provide free BBQ on either Saturday or Sunday. You can help ensure you get a free meal by strong arming your friends / facebook contacts into pre-registering.

    I haven't had much feedback as to what tourneys people want to see.
    Feel free to contact me directly or post to the forums.

    Steam is having a Midweek madness sale on
    Section 8: Prejudice

    5.09/copy (15.29 / 4pack)
    It might make a good tourney in copy mode with a 4person team.

    You might want to swing by before it goes off sale.

    I haven't played the game yet - so it may be complete junk - YMMV.

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    Chairity LanParty Austin is 2wks away...

    Hey guys lets push this out to whoever we can. The Austin guys are great and Zitt has put a lot of effort into this LAN.

    Facebook here I come...

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    Chairity LanParty Austin is 2wks away...

    Thanks guys... I appreciate the support.
    We're working on the Tourney list if anyone has feedback.

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