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Thread: User Review section

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    User Review section

    How would you like to be able to write your own reviews like the staff for Modders-Inc does?

    Well now you can! If you look to the left and under Content you will see "User Reviews".

    You MUST be a member to enter your review, so if you are not one do it now.

    Once you get to the page you will see the categories that are available. Under the the categories listing you will see (User Reviews Main/User Options). By clicking on User Options you will be taking to the start of inputting your review.

    Listed there is"

    (Step by step on how to do the review) A MUST READ

    Add a new review*
    (Start your review)

    Edit an Un-Finished review**
    (You can save your review and go back and finish it at a later time)

    This is something we want to try out and yes I am sure there will be a few glitches, but thats why we have you guys as our guinea pigs :-)

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    User Review section

    Ah ... no one wants to write their own reviews? I thought for sure this feature would go over good.

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    User Review section

    I shall be the first to do a review possibly the biostar T force motherboard that i just picked up

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    User Review section

    Um AF or Tazz we be missing processors under the choices for review 8O I believe that would be a must...

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    User Review section

    Looks like Tazz has added it. It is last on the list...

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    User Review section

    ah there we go :P maybe I'll do a review of my new processor.

    EDIT: Just noticed also theres no processor section in the staff reviews either. May want to add it when you get some time tazz

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    User Review section

    i'm gonna do a review of the d-link starter wireless kit I bought 39 bux for a router and wireless usb adapter. How good does it work you ask? well read my upcoming review :P

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    User Review section

    im going to review kfc's new honey boneless bbq wings.

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    User Review section

    This has been closed down since no one seemed to be interest or it was to hard to use. If we, OK if Tazz :-), has time to do some recoding maybe it will come back.

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    User Review section

    wow I didn't know this ever existed...

    if I make a review (I was thinking about an LCD - graphic, driven by LcdStudio over LPT port, 128×240 pixels, B/W with CCFL backlight) can I send it to someone so he posts it online?

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