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Thread: Pod/Video Cast #24 is Ready!

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    Pod/Video Cast #24 is Ready!

    Pod/Video Cast #24 It's Leaking!

    Yep we did it again and this time we captured it all on video!

    It is our very first time at doing video so be easy on us. We promise that over time we will get a little better at it ;-)

    If video is not you thing we still have it on audio too.

    If you like the show(s) PLEASE spread the word as we want to continue to grow and to give you the best Modders-Inc Podcasts we can give you!

    Pod/Video Cast #24 It's Leaking!

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    Pod/Video Cast #24 is Ready!

    Great news! I will be downloading it now.

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    Pod/Video Cast #24 is Ready!

    I listened to it last night. I love your podcasts. Now lets get some video

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    Pod/Video Cast #24 is Ready!

    There is video!

    go to the podcast #24 page or to our youtube page or to our livestream page

    On livestream we can also do a chat room so maybe for the next podcast we can do live questions?!

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    Pod/Video Cast #24 is Ready!

    Hey i love it how it is in a video keep this going so great

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    Pod/Video Cast #24 is Ready!

    Please take just a few moments to take the survey that is at the bottom of each podcast page. This will help us out a lot! Thanks!

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    Pod/Video Cast #24 is Ready!

    Great podcast. The video is a nice addition, love the Brady Bunch reference lol.

    So is Shannon a regular now?

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    Pod/Video Cast #24 is Ready!

    watching/listening now.

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    Pod/Video Cast #24 is Ready!

    Great podcast. The video is a nice addition, love the Brady Bunch reference lol.

    So is Shannon a regular now?
    If I am then ummm.... i think the rating will have to change

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    Pod/Video Cast #24 is Ready!

    The video is so much better than just the audio podcast. I like the way you guys were talking about a certain case and AF pulled up pics of it on a website and brought it into view so the viewers can actually see what you guys were talking about. Things like that make the video/podcast much better as the listener gets a better idea with a visual of what is being talked about.

    Great job guys.

    ps. as for Shannon, up till this video I always assumed you were Asian, come to find out you're just a standard white guy. Sorry bud but that just dropped your intelligence a bit in my book.

    Just kidding man but for some reason I really did picture you as Asian. :lol:

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