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Thread: New Sponsor Xoxide

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    New Sponsor Xoxide

    Modders-Inc would like to say thank you to one of our new sponsors, Xoxide!

    This is like a match made in heaven as you take the best modding site and the best site for buying modding parts and put them together. With great products and awesome prices you can get all your modding needs here.

    Not only will you get some of the best products and prices you will also be helping out your favorite case modding site. By clicking on any of the Xoxide links here on Modders-Inc and when you purchase something, Modders-Inc gets a small percentage of the sale.

    With the holidays coming and gifts to buy, please remember to click on the link to buy your gifts.

    Thanks, Dewayne

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    New Sponsor Xoxide

    Awesome! I've been following them on Twitter for a while

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    New Sponsor Xoxide

    Fantastic. I love Xoxide, and this is my home site so it all works out

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    New Sponsor Xoxide

    Super great stuff. This is excellent! Thanks for joining us Xoxide.

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    New Sponsor Xoxide

    nice.. that is very good news thx Xoxide

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    New Sponsor Xoxide

    Thanks Xoxide for giving MI this deal.

    Just wanted to say that I am a fan of your site and products. I have uploaded Product Images to your site in the past and have posted my builds in your forums.

    I have ordered many parts from you in the past and i'm sure I will order many more in the future.

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