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Thread: Fulmo - Type R

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    Fulmo - Type R

    I am starting a fully sponsored mod for Enermax that will be a stock Fulmo mid tower. This is a new design that just came out. I've had the case for a couple months now and started work on it but I had to finish the Zotac mods for CES and got behind.

    This is a great looking case already but I will be transforming it into a race inspired build.

    - It has to look fast
    - It has to be fast

    First I would like to thank Ecomaster for contacting me with the offer to build a killer Enermax case. They were very generous in the sponsorship of this build and I will make sure it pays off for them. Thanks P. L.

    The case comes all black with some silver accent strips running top to front.

    It has great body lines but I don't understand the flat spots on the silver strips where it bends around the front/top area.

    they won't be flat when I get done. :P

    Part of my inspiration will come from this -

    It will be super bright white, with red accents and some chrome touches.

    Here is a quick Photoshop in white (courtesy of my pal Boddaker) showing the red strips. It will be much brighter than this and there will also be some lettering and logos added.

    White is the new black!

    This case is really well built and has a ton of great features. Lots of little extras for cooling and wire management. It was well thought out and I would recommend this case for sure. Tons of cooling options.

    I'll be back with more real soon.

    I'm currently busy sanding.......

    In the mean time, check out Enermax

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Ahhh I love deliveries.

    A 1200W Platimax psu fully modular (even 24 pin)

    9 TB Silence red lightning fans

    And a T60 CPU cooler

    More things to paint white! The fans I wanted that were already white were discontinued. And I'll paint the psu white with some red highlights.

    I pulled everything apart and sanded the main framework.

    I removed some of the webbing where the fans will be located. These are not just for looks, they actually add to the structural integrity of the case. But I don't plan on moving it around much so it's not a problem.

    I left the bottom one in for now. I may remove it also.

    I used some snippers to cut them out and I will use my small disc grinder to clean up the sharp edges later.

    Next step is breaking down the outer panels and removing all the wiring and switches. Then sanding those.

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Yummy! Cant wait! Congrats on the sponsorship!

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    Fulmo - Type R

    I like the case, but it is such a CM 690 Advanced rip-off

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Man, I love Enermax. I'm a big fan of their fans..I mean I like them very much. Got two builds working with vegas fans, and they are coming along nicely.
    I like the Fulmo GT and I hear great things about the mid tower so I'll be watching!

    BTW nice choice on the colors.

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    Fulmo - Type R


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    Fulmo - Type R

    Hey you're back in the saddle! Viva Las Vegas!

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Another piece -

    Like I said, it has to look fast and BE fast. :P

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Yep, made it back from CES... dog tired too.

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Congrats for the sponsorship, nice car to build a mod.

    Good luck with the project.

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