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Thread: 2 Pre-Release Power Supplies

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    2 Pre-Release Power Supplies

    Once again Ultra has given us a first look at some power supplys that they may put into production.

    Modders-Inc is proud to display these Black beauties!

    450 W


    it is a 700W PSU

    +5V= 35A +3.3V=30A +12=40A

    I you have any feedback let it rip as they are always tring to keep up with what modders like.

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    2 Pre-Release Power Supplies

    ummm..... its rattle can black and yeah it has the moduler type power wires and yeah im thinking let me check my crystal ball for the specs :P

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    2 Pre-Release Power Supplies

    sorta impressive but there are better looking and probably better preforming im guessing 500-750 watt model?

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    2 Pre-Release Power Supplies

    Those are better than just a standard PSU that some offer.... Ateast they do have paint on them, not to mention the solid wire color on the one and sleeving on the other, plus they both offer the molex as a modular setup.

    Damn you guys are hard to please LOL. I am waiting for the X3 8O .

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    2 Pre-Release Power Supplies

    LOL no we arent that hard to please but it does looks nice and slick now that i look at the wires im not into flashy psus though so it fits me really good

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    2 Pre-Release Power Supplies

    gotta be hard on ya sometime Tazz :P I kinda feel like senior does not too flashy and not too plain I like em

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    2 Pre-Release Power Supplies

    They look like they are trying to be PC Power and Cooling. Not bad I think. I wouldn't mind seeing some detailed specs myself on that bigger one. I personally don't care to much for flashy stuff as much anymore these days. They always over do it and make it cheesy. I'll mod it myself thank you.

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    2 Pre-Release Power Supplies

    They are not "Rattle Can Black" as some one said but more like a powdercoating look. The larger of the two is the 700W (680 W on the +Volt side). I was told that the sleeving on the cables was, well lets see he said " I don't remember". They actually look MUCH better in person than with my $99 camera :-)

    The reason we where able to get these is I asked if they wanted to donate a PSU for the Quake Wars Radiopack and Ultra jumped at the chance. They said that they had two pre-production designed PSU that best fit the mod style and I could use which one that looked the best.

    The smaller PSU did look the best with the flat cables, but at 450W it would not have been enough juice for the video card (minimum of 550w) so the larger one it is.

    If I can get more info out of Ultra I will as of right now all the info I have is the make shift spec decals on the PSU's.

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    2 Pre-Release Power Supplies

    Sweet. I'd like to see a review for the performance. I personally think that for their market (gamers/video editters/renderers) 450w is too low. I know you said you need 550w, and so do I, as do a lot of people. So to jump from 450 to 700 might be too big IMO.

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    2 Pre-Release Power Supplies

    I was unable to test the 700W as it it went directly in the Radio Back Pack and then off to QuakeCon.

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