*Sigh* ---- i just noticed this at the top of my Battlelog .... i might be one of them!

"NOTICE The "Game disconnected: you were kicked by Punkbuster errors" are being looked into right now."

"Errors of PC players being kicked from playing Battlefield 3 by Punkbuster are currently being looked into, but it turns out that there could me more to the situation than meets the eye.

“Game disconnected: you were kicked by Punkbuster errors are being looked into right now.” Stated Community Manager, Daniel Matros recently. He added that it “looks like it has something to do with Kaspersky, Avira and Norton AV.” For those who don’t know, Punkbuster is an anti-cheat system used for the PC platform to help keep hackers and cheaters from doing what they do. Speaking of which, Matros also mentioned that a “new PB version [is] out today. If you haven’t updated, it’s worth doing so as well.” At least it might help.

Interestingly, and most unfortunately, the problem seems to go much deeper than these surface issues, however. Looking at the Battlelog profiles of those claiming to have been unrightfully banned by PB, you’ll notice that they are, indeed, clean and do not use hacks or are not cheating. The real problem is that it looks like the ban itself could be a hacking attempt. According to these forums, a group of hackers have found a “security hole” in the PB system and are now trying to bring it to the attention of those in charge of security by banning players on the Battlelog.

"So far, they (the hackers) claim to have already banned over 150 Battlefield 3 players !

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