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Thread: Mass Effect3 best alternate ending ideas ever

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    Mass Effect3 best alternate ending ideas ever

    Mass Effect has gotten a lot of flak over the ending , and while not having played 3 yet, I can say that the lack of any real differences in any of them cause me quite a bit ire.. I really have gotten to care about my crew, and my squadmates , the sometimes difficult choices I've made, and differing outcomes from them.

    This guys thoughtful, articulate, talk on ... "what could have been" ... is a great example of what they should have done

    ... ... NOTE: has spoilers ... but at this point, I'm not caring

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    Mass Effect3 best alternate ending ideas ever

    If you want to hear more of his thoughts on this ...

    and, can Bioware salvage this in a way that ME fans will find satisfying ....

    Bioware should have seen this coming and rethought/redid the endings long before releasing it

    After investing all that time, with my character choices, with my shipmates .. to hear that it all comes to naught at the end, just makes me want to not ever get ME 3

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