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Thread: Borderlands 2 Mod

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    Hey guys, this is one of my next projects, a Borderlands 2 Case Mod, based on Thermaltake's Armor Revo case.

    This will be one of three case mods I'll be doing for Thermaltake, to be on show at Computex in June. I've been doing a lot of prep work, designing panels, templates, pre-vis in Google Sketchup, getting parts cut, and panels sent out to paint. So there isn't much to show in the way of visible progress yet, but here are the initial concept renderings...

    I was originally going to build two case mods for Tt (I will be posting a worklog for them soon), but they sent me another Armor Revo case by mistake, and asked if I could mod it as well. I gladly accepted, and came up with what you see here. But since I only have about a month to do 3 cases now, this design is purposely simple. Not much fabrication, and mostly paint and vinyl lol.

    Updates will be posted as time allows.

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    Coolness bro!

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    Borderlands 2 Mod


    Another BodMod!!!!!

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    Can't wait for the game! Can't wait for the MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    very nice photoshop work!!!

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    Thanks guys!

    Got a bit more work done last night. CL4P-TP, the robot character in BL2, will adorn the left side of the case. I designed the acrylic parts to fit the shape of the side panel.

    I did a little heat-bending to the arms, to add some depth. Had it more time, I would bring him out with more layers and make his front drawer functional. We'll see if I even have time to put a light behind his eye lens. :?

    I mounted the body using 6-32 screws from behind the panel.

    Here's a closeup shot of the other arm curving around the front of the case.

    I should be getting the vinyl prints today, for the right side panel, so I can get that on over the weekend.

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    here it's coming a life

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    I need to come spend a week or so with you so you show me all your tricks!

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    I need to come spend a week or so with you so you show me all your tricks!
    You're welcome anytime Dewayne!

    Ok more progress! Got the vinyl mural back from the printer and spent the better part of yesterday prepping the panel and applying it.

    I found this really high resolution graphic of all the BL2 heroes together, so I thought it would be perfect for the back side of this case. After sizing it to the panel, I separated the characters from the background in Photoshop. Cutting them out took a bit of time, but what was really arduous was recreating the background behind them. Once that was done, I ended up with two separate prints with which to create my layered image.

    The side panel has a center geometric shape that is raised, and I need to cut out the heroes silhouette. So after cutting the white areas out of the vinyl, I taped it onto the panel and traced the remaining shape.

    This is where it gets fun! Hacking the panel up. I used the jigsaw where ever I could, starting the cuts with the dremel.

    Once the main parts were cut out, I went back with the dremel and got the tighter spots.

    I kept working the panel until I couldn't see any more blue lines. Then I proceeded to file and sand all the edges. Talk about tedious!

    Finally done and cleaned up, here's a shot of it with the background behind it.

    Same shot, but with the heroes print layed over it.

    And a close up shot.

    Looked good enough, so I stuck it down. I then cut a sheet of aluminum to fit behind the panel, and applied the background print to that. I had made the graphic oversized so I had some extra vinyl to continue onto the front, top, and bottom panel edges. Otherwise it would have looked weird once the panel was on the case.

    Another angle, showing the vinyl continuing around the back lip.

    Turned out pretty well. Next will be to add some backlighting behind the heroes so they will really pop off the background. I got some led strips coming in this week, so that will be the next update.

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    Borderlands 2 Mod



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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    For the front of this case, I came up with the idea for an acid-eaten panel that would reveal the BL2 logo, and doubling as the fan grill. So I dove back into Illustrator and drew up a nice splatter and had it laser cut out of 1/8" acrylic.

    Prepping the front bezel to cut away the hexagon mesh area.

    With that removed I could set my acid panel in place.

    I painted the panel with some hammered silver from Rustoleum, to give it a hand-forged look. It will provide a good base for the weathering I'll be doing later.

    With that panel gluing up, I started on the front doors. I painted them with the same hammered paint...

    Masked off the areas I didn't want yellow...

    And now I have stripes! Looks so nice I almost hate to add weathering and scratches... almost. :twisted:

    With that done, I could move on to the top add-ons. More hammered panels will cover most of the top. Here's the main piece, with a slotted grate that will go next to the fan opening.

    Gluing the grate on.

    And on the case for fit.

    Looks better with the hammered paint.

    I'll be securing this down with carriage bolts.

    Here are the parts for the fan tube, which will be mounted onto the above hammered panel.

    I want to sort of mimic the jet engines seen in this BL2 reference pic.

    I took the 200mm exhaust fan from the case and cut off its mounting tabs, so it would fit inside the bucket.

    Adding some styrene sheet for armor paneling to the outside...

    I added some holes for the wiring and leds, and once I swap out the blue leds for yellow ones, I will cover them up with more armor paneling.

    And the work goes on...

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