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Thread: Star Wars Old Republic Mods Complete!

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    Star Wars Old Republic Mods Complete!

    Ok, here are the concepts for the first two mods, based on Thermaltake's Chaser MK-1 and Armor Revo case.
    Theme obviously is Star Wars Old Republic, with the Chaser case as the Dark Side, and the Armor Revo case the Republic. The cases are very similar in style (both use the same chassis), and were perfect candidates for the two-sided theme.

    Light sabers will be modified 12" CCFL's and will protrude out of the panel to enhance the 3D look and feel of the imagery.
    The front hologram effect will be achieved by employing 3D etched crystals that will be lit from below. This will be the first time I've attempted to incorporate this into a mod, so hopefully it turns out as good as it looks above!

    Artwork will be supplied by Steve Nunez. Case panels have been sent off to him today, so stay tuned for more of his airbrushing magic!

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    Star Wars Old Republic Mods Complete!

    I am so Subscribing to this thread.

    Cant wait to see how these turn out. 8O 8O

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    Star Wars Old Republic Mods Complete!

    Pfew, that's just amazing work Brian!

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    Star Wars Old Republic Mods Complete!

    Anything Star Wars = Bad Ass!

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    Star Wars Old Republic Mods Complete!

    Finally getting visible progress on these cases.

    Working on the Trooper helmet for the side panel. Cutting some acrylic pieces to make up the frame.

    Here they are assembled and glued together.

    Using expandable foam to fill the spaces in between.

    Once cured, I trimmed it down to the framing.

    A quick trip to the hardware store to pick up some helmet parts lol.

    I cut up the washer drain hose and fit the pvc elbows and barbs on each end to create the air supply lines.

    Next I'll be covering the whole thing with plastic resin to bring the whole thing together. Hopefully take care of that this weekend.

    I also got started on the holo emitter that will be mounted on the front of the cases. I designed it up in Illustrator, then had the parts cut.

    I was happy to find that my measuring was good and all the pieces fit together. woot!

    And it actually fit perfectly into the front bays.

    Now here's the cool part, covered in awesome sauce: In order to re-create the holograms as seen in the game, I knew that mere 2D etching wouldn't be enough, so I had these 3D etches made up. And they turned out awesome! The images are not etched on the surface. They are actually inside the blocks.

    You can see the characters a lot better lit up, but it still doesn't do it justice. I will have to take some video and pan around them so you can see the depth.

    I had to see how they looked in the case on the holo emitter. I'll be wiring up some leds to light these things from below which should complete the effect I was going for.

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    Star Wars Old Republic Mods Complete!


    Home Depot should be a sponsor for us modders!

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    Star Wars Old Republic Mods Complete!

    ZOMG Progress pics from Steve:


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    Star Wars Old Republic Mods Complete!

    Good LORD that looks great.

    Just when I didn't think you could top that Tron build.

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    Star Wars Old Republic Mods Complete!

    More airbrushing goodness:

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    Star Wars Old Republic Mods Complete!

    Our friendly neighborhood UPS man dropped off a box yesterday, and it's claiming to have life-altering properties...

    Upon opening the box and extracting its contents, it looks to be two differently hued vessels with some sort of malleable substance inside each one. With the box's ominous inscription echoing in my head, I felt compelled to carefully bring the two substances together...

    Well, nothing happened. Eventually getting over my thorough disappointment, I decided to continue modding. And that's when I realized I could use this stuff to form the masks that will adorn the side of the SWTOR cases.

    I flattened it out to a consistent thickness of 1/4" on wax paper, then laid it over my foam structure.

    After some shaping, molding, and general sculpting, I ended up with something that resembled a storm trooper mask.

    Once it cures, I'll need to go over it with sand paper to smooth it out, then I'll hit it with some gloss white paint.

    But I still don't feel any different than I did before opening the box. Perhaps they want me to file a million dollar lawsuit for false advertising. THAT would change my life! :P

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