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    Best Paint

    Hi people,this my first time in the forums at Modders-Inc and I have a question reguarding the best paint for case modding.My situation is that the case I want to paint has a steel body and a plastic bezel.What paint
    will be suitable for both types of material? Any information would be appreciated.Thanks

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    Best Paint

    You would definatly want to use a good primar. As for the actual paint, basically any paint designed for cars will work, just go out to your local autoparts shop and get a can of that paint.

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    Best Paint

    basically same question as at first, but any difference with an aluminum body and plastic front?

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    Best Paint

    Get an all-purpose high quality primer. Paint shouldn't be a problem as long as it's all-purpose, or includes both metal and plastic surfaces in its description.

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    Best Paint

    Lets find out what you are thinking about doing and we can help you more.

    If the case is all Aluminum and you are thinking about just a one solid color I would really look at powder coating it or getting it anodized. Theses two types will get a better bound the aluminum.

    If you go with either auto or spray can paint make sure that the metal is very clean and use a good primer, then a few coats of the color you want. A couple of good layers of clear coat over the finished paint job will help the paint from damage.

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