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Thread: ASUS TUF Hummer Case Mod for Computex 2012

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    ASUS TUF Hummer Case Mod for Computex 2012

    You might have seen a small blip a few weeks ago about this mod here, but ASUS wanted to keep it under wraps until COMPUTEX started so now I am officially bringing it back!

    First off I work like to say Thank You to ASUS for asking me to create a case mod for them for a such a special event.

    I will say that this mod was probably the toughest ones have I have done because of limitations.

    The first one was I ended up having just over two weeks to create the case mod.

    The others were that the mod had to be a military theme but,

    1) Could not be violent (blood, gore and such)
    2) Could not be a weapon
    3) It has to show a minimum of 50% of the motherboard (which was the reason for the case mod)

    So after some thinking and finding the right case here was my idea and my creation :-)

    My inspiration for the mod is a Military Hummer (HumVee)

    The base of the mod will be the Cooler Master HAF X as it already has a military feel to the look.

    Read Our Review of the Cooler Master HAF X

    Here is my concept drawing that ASUS approved on

    Then it was off to Home Depot to get some of the supplies needed. Here they are with the case and ready to put together like a model with not instructions.

    I wanted to start off working on the missile launcher first as I knew this would probably take the most time and would like of be one of the key features of the case. I grabbed a few of the item I bought and began to work.

    What you see here is some PVC piping parts and metal bracket used to secure wood for hanging.

    My thoughts are to make a swivel base for the missile launcher out them. The PVC pipe-union would be the base, the pipe would be the post and the bracket would connect to the bottom of the launcher.

    Next I took some sheet metal and laid out where to bend it and where to drill the air holes for the launcher.

    Then over to the bender...

    And I ended up with one of these...

    and it should end up looking something like this...

    I liked it, BUT, a single launcher was just so out-of-place :-( I redid the process above and make a second one and now I am much happier with the look.

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    ASUS TUF Hummer Case Mod for Computex 2012

    cool man i did know it's yours very cool man

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    ASUS TUF Hummer Case Mod for Computex 2012

    Where did you see it?

    I have not seen any images from the event yet.

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    ASUS TUF Hummer Case Mod for Computex 2012

    on FB asus north america

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    ASUS TUF Hummer Case Mod for Computex 2012

    Great job Dewayne, especially for the limited time frame you had. Came out great!
    But, if one of your limitations was to show 50% of the motherboard, they could have at least installed one in the case lol.

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    ASUS TUF Hummer Case Mod for Computex 2012

    Brian, actually there is one!!

    They sent a Sabertooth 77 motherboard with an Ivory Bridge CPU

    I painted it like the outside of the case, so I guess the camo worked better than I

    I installed 90% of a system in to the case (PSU, MB, CPU, SSD, RAM, and a Corsair H100 cooler). They did not send a video card which is a good thing as they never ship well with one, but it looks like they did not put one in anyways. I guess to have a clear view to the Sabertooth 77 motherboard.

    On with the build...

    Next on my list is that I want to make something else that would help create the look of a hummer and I thought the front bumper guard would be perfect. I first thought about using some steel rod, but that would be heavy so aluminum was chosen. But there is always an issue with aluminum rod is to bend it without cracking or breaking it. So like plexi-glas I brought out the torch, heated it up and slowly bent it.

    This worked very well so after bending it up I started to make a plate that would go across the base of the guard.
    Using a square and a vise you can make sure that you are bending the metal straight.

    I have now way of welding aluminum so I used what I thought would be my safest bet (fingers crossed) Gorilla Super Glue.

    Believe it or not it turned out to REALLY strong. And the funny thing was that during a break on the build MythBuster was doing a segment about super glue and they found that one drop would hold over 600lbs of dead weight and with seven to eight drops they were able to lift a car!

    Next I will attached the case itself.

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    ASUS TUF Hummer Case Mod for Computex 2012

    Oh man that's so sweet!

    Short time frame too. Great job.

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    ASUS TUF Hummer Case Mod for Computex 2012

    The Cooler Master HAF X has a large intake fan grill on the side panel which no matter how you looked at it just did not go with the theme. It had to go and doing so made it look more like a door opening that you could step in and out of.

    I grabbed a large piece of cardboard to make a template for the door.

    Using the already raised section of the side panel as mold I placed the sheet metal over it and slowly tapped the edge until it bent down and took on the shape of the side panel, thus creating the door.

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    ASUS TUF Hummer Case Mod for Computex 2012

    Great theme idea and exicution!

    ... I soooo want that motherboard

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    ASUS TUF Hummer Case Mod for Computex 2012

    Now that I have the basic shape of the door I want to create a raise/stamped look in the door. This is normally done in metal to help strengthen it. Of course I do not have a die and a hydraulic press to make it so I decided to apply flat stock of aluminum to the door. This will also keep the door from flexing.

    I first did the other panel to see how it looks

    I think it will do, so off to do the door.

    I cut the metal and then glued it to the sheet metal.

    I think I nailed the look I wanted and it took the flex out of the door.

    The door had to open so I need to add the hinges which took no time at all. I laid out the location, cut to fix and I also removed the hinge pin and install a removable pin. I want the door to come off in case they wanted to removed it to show more of the inside of the case.

    Door is all done.

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