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    Here is our latest project!! Modded Gameboy! Available on

    More info here as well as our build log of our next prototype.

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    That's pretty man!

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    Thanks AF,

    I know it's not a PC, but I spent soooooo much time playin' Tetris back in the day that I just had to go off and try a new concept with these. They are getting thrown away at a pretty good clip these days as the kids just want the newer istuff.
    Havin' fun with these older gaming systems

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    So if you get enough funds you will make them?

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    Yes, and we will do as much as we can IN house. So far so good, I can't believe the response so far.
    I would encourage others to try and develop a product and give it a go. I gave myself $6,000 and 6 months to come up with something and I was able to stay within both goals. Wish us luck

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