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Thread: Upgrading the Forums

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    Upgrading the Forums

    Hey everyone I am thinking about moving the forums over to VBulletin so there may be a time soon that the forums will not be available for a few days.

    As of right now I do like that the forums is part of the site, but it is rather out of date.

    So my question to you is... see poll

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    Upgrading the Forums

    Update... I am in the process of moving the forums to VB so expect to see the new forums soon.

    Doing this means that you will have to update you passwords and profiles but the update will be well worth it!

    So when you get the email about the new forums and to update your password don't forget to do it.

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    You will soon get an email that will send you a temporary password to access the forums. Once you log in please create a new password and update your profile. Hopefully all has gotten transferred over OK so if you see something or experience some odd please let me know.

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    Some have had an issue with the new passwords not working. Please let me know and I will take care of it.

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    Absolutely Love the new Forum! I can finally easily get all my logs on here ! Very excited as it was allot of work before> Thank You!

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    I heard that more than once so it was time to make the change. There are somethings that I need still to straighten out so give me some time, but so far it all seems to be going well. I am also looking to update the main site as well.

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    I had a bit of trouble with the password reset ... but I'm stubborn and kept trying until I got it
    .. tried it about 3 times before I got the email for the new temp password and then 2 showed up at the same time :shrug:

    Thank you for the update

    Oh, didnt find an obvious link to forum rules here .. there is one at the bottom of each forum, but no mention of avatar size (looks like 100x100 pixels is too big for the profile page, overhangs the writing)
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    I will look in to the avatar sizes. This VB can do so much that it quite a learning curve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Americanfreak View Post
    I will look in to the avatar sizes. This VB can do so much that it quite a learning curve.
    OK it is now set to 180x180 pixels for Avatars. It was set to 120x120.

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    The new forums are awesome, and hopefully they'll help with getting people to post content on here more regularly. I'll start modding again soon and hopefully not stop

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