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Thread: adding nvidia 560 ti to my pc

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    adding nvidia 560 ti to my pc

    i want to buy nvidia 560 ti
    and i wonder if its can work properly with my pc spec
    cpu core i3 540
    motherboard gigabyte h55 d2h
    ram 4 gb ddr3
    hdd 1tb
    power supply huntkey apfc 600 watt

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    it's perfectly good for your config but have you considered about how much this going to eat power ?? cause 560ti is power hungry research about power consumption or you can get 650ti boost instead of that it's also a very good card

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    Nvidia is good company and i am also using the products of that company. You can easily go for it. Thanks
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    I have OEM (Dell) windows 7 and the trial period was 31 days, so I assumed it was for all versions. If I could buy a legit copy of W7 I would. I'll cope with Vista for now - it's sufficient to run TF2 and F@H..
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    i have same rig. can i put gtx 1080ti on my board?

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