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    As my name implies, I am a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer (1984-2004). My rating was Electronic Warfare Technician. I served tours onboard the USS Kinkaid (DD-965), USS St. Louis (LKA-116), USS Dubuque (LPD-8), and USS Wadsworth (FFG-9). My shore duties included tours as Military Police in Sasebo, Japan and an instructor with Afloat Training Group Middle Pacific in Pearl Harbor, HI. My career has spanned the entire Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Caribbean, and ports located throughout those locales.

    I spent 3 tours (9 years) stationed overseas in Japan and loved my time there. I met my wife during one of those tours and we now have 2 children.

    I currently work with the Tarrant County College District in Fort Worth, TX as a Desktop Support Coordinator.

    My passion for computers started in 1983 and has never ended. I love building PCs and am now learning the art of modding and customizing them to suit my needs.

    I look forward to learning from everyone on these forums and posting content relevant to the discussions.

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    Welcome to the site .

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    Great to see you here!

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    hey everyone! I was introduced here by TheGreatSatan from another modders website we are with. i figured it was about time to sign up here... he keeps telling me how wonderful you all are!

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    Welcome to the forums! Those are some kind words from TGS that we try to live by here. We do our best around here, we just need a bit more activity. Hopefully the new forums will help :-)

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