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Thread: MSI Twin Frozr GTX680 = NO!

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    MSI Twin Frozr GTX680 = NO!

    Hi there, I ordered two of these MSI GTX680 Twin Frozr cards from Overclockers UK the other day, and both of them did not work! I tried them both in separately and all I got was the pink and green view of a buggered card!

    I am wondering weather it would be better to use the money returned (they have already agreed to it) to buy a GTX690 or another pair of GTX680's say a pair of EVGA, or Nvidia ones?

    Which would be best? One GTX690, or two GTX680's?


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    Well I would first ask "Why two cards?"

    It has really yet to be proven that the extra money spent is work increased performance.

    Now if it is for the Wow factor, you be the judge.

    If it was my money I would go with the best single card you can get with the total price.
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    If you have the money, both are good. Dual 680 currently provides the best performance out of all dual cards. I'd go with the 680s because it is easier to sell them off after market later on when it comes to upgrading compared to a single 690.

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    OK I have my RMA'd cards back and it was all my fault! I have now updated my BIOS and everything is working!

    Enjoying a load of gaming space now!


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    Good information to know.
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