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Thread: My Mustang Mod

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    My Mustang Mod

    Alright TheGreatSatan got my mind running watching his superbee mod so im in the process of building a mustang case. Im going to Ohio for 3 weeks and after 5 o'clock i will have nothing to do so i think this is a good oppertuninty. Ill post pics of the case as soon as i get pics of it but here is what the case will consit of:
    This is for the sides

    gas cap for the back

    and this will be a part of the paint job

    but there is more to come. Stay Tuned

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    My Mustang Mod

    Oooooo..... I'm watching like a HAWK!!!

    Lots of good potential here!

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    My Mustang Mod

    every since boss, i've been seeing alot of pc car mods sprout up. this is going to be sweet.
    car modding and pc modding combine. a revolution in pc modding.

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    My Mustang Mod

    It is just natural....I have always explained to people that ask about Modding as Hot-Rodding for Computers and they get it on the first try...;-)

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    My Mustang Mod

    damn alot of people are doing car mods lol here

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    My Mustang Mod

    you guys have no idea what i have instore for this. But i will explain later. i agree with Americanfreak modding is like hot rodding. im only doing this because i have a passion for mustangs. i have a 65 coupe that i am building up to drag race.

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    My Mustang Mod

    Do you have a color scheme in mind?

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    My Mustang Mod

    65...I had a 66 for many years...I miss that car.

    Here are the colors for the year 1965...ya can't go wrong with Red ;-)


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    My Mustang Mod

    Yeah its going to be Poppy Red with White stripes. Just like the picture above. I don't know if you can even get poppy red anymore but i will stop by napa sometime this week and ask

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    My Mustang Mod

    I had a 65 red convertible! 289 manual shift (3 speed)

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