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Thread: question about fan holes

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    question about fan holes

    hi everyone been so long sence i had tiem to be here.i got a cutsom case mad out of a ammo can and it has been getting so hot that my computer restarts if i play high graphical games like bf2 so i left the top off so i could play. but i wnat to put 3 fans in my case so i can leave the top on so it looks good. what i was woundering is what can i use to make the hoels for the fans becuase i dont have any hole saws or the money to buy one. thanks in advance

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    question about fan holes

    what tools do you have? With out money or tools it can't be done, a dremel can do it, but for the price of one you can get a hole saw for 80mm and 120mm fans if you have a drill. The cheapest but most effort is a nibbler but it can cause uneven holes, and lots of filing to debur the edge, also it requires a hole drilled in the material to get started. If you have access to a drill press then the oblivious answer is a circle cutter (I just used mine this morning) made by the general tool company, they can be bought at Ace hardware or ordered from there or online. Please use caution when using any cutting device and wear your safety glasses, if you don't have much tool experience ask someone that does to help.

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    question about fan holes

    i got a dremel, drill adn a skill saw with the dremel i have a few atchments but not sure what wones i need for it.

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    question about fan holes

    If ya got a drill and a jigsaw you are home free.

    Mark where you want the hole to be (circle), take the drill and drill some holes just inside of the line all the way around the circle. Make sure that ONE hole is big enough to get the METAL CUTTING jig saw blade in and start cutting from one hole you drilled to the next one. Continue until you have cut you hole out.

    Take a file for metal or use your dremel with a grinding stone and smooth the rough edge. Place the fan over the hole, make your marks for the mounting holes for the fan, drill them out, and mount your fan.

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    question about fan holes

    I always put my fan screw holes on first, helps find the center for drawing a circle by making an "X" with the screw holes, then use a compass (the drawing kind) or other method for making a 3" diameter circle that is 1.5" radius that you want to draw from the center. or mount the fan on the side you are going to cut from with the motor mounts up, stick your pen through the blades and scribe a line of the inside of the fan, you have to lift at each motor mount. here is a link to a thread at XFN on making blowholes

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    question about fan holes

    ok thanks everyone. had problems with my internet as soon as im completly done with the case ill post it. if i ever get done lol.

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    question about fan holes

    Well you could always start a modding worklog and update it when you can.

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    question about fan holes

    Please post as you work. Even when I'm 1200 miles from my computer I still try and get the use of a pc so that I can keep up with the family here.

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    question about fan holes

    A lot of people use a nibbler, I personally use the dremel, just because I'm more comfortable with its use.

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    question about fan holes

    ok ill go find the few pics i posted on a while back and make a few new ones and make a worklog.

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