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Thread: considering throwing a contest

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    considering throwing a contest

    alright guys i've been thinking about holding a contest for a while now, i want to wait till i get a few more members on my site, but i'd like some ideas of how to go about it. It's of course a proposed modding contest.

    What do you think is an appropriate contest length till the deadline?
    What do you think should be offered as a prize/prize budget?
    What should be the categories to judge?
    What else haven't i thought up yet?

    I'm planning to throw a contest or two to help boost my modding site, so any ideas or suggestions are always definatly welcome.

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    considering throwing a contest

    1) If it's a full out mod contest, the longer the better. I'd say 3+ months or so. For a design of a case (ex. the Dream Your Mod contest... though I don't think that it was here) go more short term, like 3 weeks to a month.
    2) Prizes should be something new and awesome, like a PhysX card. But to advertise your site, give out bumper stickers and shirts and the like to the first 3 or 5 runner-ups and the winner.
    3) I'd look at previous contests and see. It's supposed to be what's important to you and your site as a casemod, isn't it? Ex: If your site is all about modding the top panel to be more awesome than any other, that should be a leading characteristic in the judging. Don't make it too biased though, like giving more points for a red case over a yellow case cuz the color is fruity. On the other hand a powder coat could get more credit because of the difficulty and rarity.
    4) More questions?

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    considering throwing a contest

    So far for categories i'm thinking in the area of judging on...

    Cutting.... like if theres any dremel work involved
    Lighting... because theres no more common characteristic to a mod then lighting
    General Cleaness... this would be like wire managment and such
    Origionality... An origional from scratch case would of course win over a generic thermaltake case

    And those are what i've got so far. i like the runner up idea for sure. i'm still trying to think up some more ideas for potential prizes though. if i end up gettin enough of a turn out om this then i'd love to make it a constant reoccuring thing.

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    considering throwing a contest

    I don't know your budget, but the biger the prize, the more it'll get around, the bigger turn out you'll have. Be wary however, the bigger the prize, the more time you'll have to give it to get around. Not only to get around actually, because if people see this competition, and say WHOA, THATSA WAYSO AWESOMEFK CNOTEST THT I CNAT TYPE RIGHT!, then the look at the end date; if it's only like 2 weeks, they won't bother thinking they don't have a chance. You really have to make it convincing.

    I just said that because there were no more actual questions in your post.

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    considering throwing a contest

    well i'm at the moment thinking a 1-2month deadline, leaning towards two months. i'm really not sure for the type of prize yet though, but like i've said this is just some food for thought on how i'm planning a contest in the future. i wont even be offering this until i get some more members. i have enought that i feel confident that word of the contest would be spread, i just want to wait a bit longer so i know word would be more of a bang instead of a cracking fizzle, lol.

    but defiantly any other thoughts, comments, or ideas you ahve on this are something i'd love to hear

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    considering throwing a contest

    I don't know your budget, but the biger the prize, the more it'll get around,
    Not true. I gave away a projector and only had a few entries. If the contest was over a long period of time (say 6 months) and you were able to spread the word to at least a dozen sites, then maybe you'd have a huge turnout. Many new sites try hosting a contest to lure people in, but most of the time you get 800 people who join the site just to win and then you never see them again. I know you want people to join your site, but really just give it time. You won't get MI numbers overnight.

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    considering throwing a contest

    You can get CMG numbers in about a week, 90% of their 4k members are spam bots.

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    considering throwing a contest

    lol, CMG seems alright but yeah theres definatly only a couple of people active there.

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    considering throwing a contest

    Contests....what do you want to know about contests?

    I have been involved with countless contest and each one gets a different response in the amount of entries. Some will get 20 while others will get 100's and I can tell you that it does not matter on the size or $ amount of the prize is. What does matter is the prize something people want. Do people want to mod a full system for a keyboard, probably not, but for some kick'in RAM, or even a new case. I bet they would.

    It may seem like an easy way to get people to your site, which it does sometimes. What really draws people to a site is content, a "good feel", and word mouth. Even if you have the "Perfect Site" it is hard to get people to visit it unless you promote the crap out of it. THAT is the hardest part of running any contest or site. "I will just post about it in a bunch of forums"...that is pretty much a no-no and may get you banned (I know by my mistakes). unless they have a certain section to do so. What you need to do is find a few site that you like, contact them directly and ask if they would include a word about your sites contest in their news or what ever information they post.

    IT would have been better if you would have PM'ed either Tazz or me and talked that way. This would have been very close to getting deleted on other sites.

    Goodluck and I am off to pimp Modders-Inc so more....

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